R&D on Aerospace and Defense

Constelex announces its strategic decision to focus on aerospace and defense applications, fuelled by aggressive research and development activities that aim to lead to a complete line of new state-of-the-art systems for harsh environments and space-qualified optical modules and sub-systems.



The company’s unique expertise on terrestrial fiber-optic systems, including optical fiber amplifiers, broadband sources and lasers, will be capitalized for creating a new product portfolio focusing on operating in the demanding environment of space. Constelex development plans include the creation of a complete family of optical fiber amplifiers and sources for use in harsh environment terrestrial applications and satellite communications.


Intense research and development activities have already commenced within 2013 for developing a complete line of low-noise booster amplifier modules and high-power optical sources with the support of the European Space Agency, through the “RAD-EDFA” ARTES 5.2 telecommunications programme and the European Commission through the FP7 “MERMIG” project.