New Optical Fiber Amplifier Products now available

CONSTELEX "unleashes" its new series of low noise and high   power optical amplifiers with applications to machining, LIDAR and photonics R&D.

CONSTELEX Technology Enablers Ltd has released its new series of optical amplifiers to satisfy specialized and demanding applications of photonics R&D engineers.

The PEGASUS, CENTAURUS and HYDRA series are specially designed by engineers that understand the client’s real needs for high power, low noise and affordable price.

The HYDRA series is CONSTELEX new “multi-amplifier” product. Dr Leontios Stampoulidis, CONSTELEX Technology Solutions director and responsible for the HYDRA development, stated: “If your testbed or application requires the use of multiple amplifiers then HYDRA can provide all the amplifiers you need in one single package and with the best value for money. Just count the optical power and how many amplifiers you need and a custom HYDRA amplifier will be developed just for you!”

The CENTAURUS series is CONSTELEX “powerful” solution for users that require average power levels in excess of 1W. “Our end-users have used CENTAURUS successfully for post-amplification of low rep-rate laser sources used for LIDAR or machining applications”, Dr Stampoulidis commented.

The CENTAURUS model can be also offered in a module enclosure for fitting seamlessly into the client system, The PEGASUS series is suitable for engineers that perform “lossy” and demanding - in terms of noise performance - test and measurement, such as characterization of nano-photonic chips or loop transmission experiments. Researchers and engineers can now improve the quality of their measurements by making PEGASUS an integral part of their probe station or BER measurement setup and amplify signal levels as low as 1uW.

Efstratios Kehayas, CONSTELEX R&D director stated: “All our amplifiers are fully customizable in terms of optical performance, number of amplifiers in the box and enclosure type. Our customers can use PEGASUS, CENTAURUS and HYDRA as a baseline and give us their exact requirements. We then develop custom-made products for them, without any additional R&D costs”.