Optical fiber systems


Constelex specializes in the design and development of fiber-based systems that find application in diverse fields, including telecommunications, remote sensing, defense and space. Key differentiating characteristics of our systems are customization, high performance and cost-effectiveness. We work side-by-side with our clients for delivering diverse tailor-made photonic systems including Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs), ASE sources, lasers and other active systems operating in the C- and L-bands based on our patent pending technology. All our amplifiers come with an optional serial interface and easy-to-use software for monitoring and controlling the amplifier.



C- and L-band amplifier arrays that include up to four fully-customizable and independent low-noise optical amplifiers in a single box at significantly lower costs. Multiple C- or L-band or combination of both can be integrated into a single system. Please click here for our HYDRA series

Low-noise multi-stage fiber amplifiers that can be customized in terms of output power, gain, wavelength operation, gain flatness and number of mid-stage access taps for optimum photonic system designing. Please click here for our TAURUS series

High-power amplification solutions in the C- and L-bands. These amplifiers can be fully customized in terms of input/output power and depending on the requirements a pre-amplifier can be also integrated. Please click here for our CENTAURUS series

High-power pre-amplifier series ideal for pre-amplified optical receivers and for testing photonic integrated circuits that exhibit high optical losses. The optical pre-amplifier noise characteristics and its capability to amplify from very low optical levels are the unique advantages offered. Please click here for our PEGASUS series

Low-noise mid-power booster amplifiers for photonics R&D, product testing and C- L-band photonic system testbeds. Please click here for our CENTAURUS-MID series
Multi-output optical fiber amplifiers for CATV, FTTH, surveillance networks and analog transmission systems. Please click here for our MEDUSA series
ASE sources with various output powers covering the C- and C+L-bands as well as combination of ASE sources co-packaged with optical amplifiers. Please click here for our ORION series